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Five Easy Steps to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

| Nov 5, 2010 | Traffic Accidents

That one little text message to let your spouse know what time you’ll be home may seem harmless, as may the sound of your phone ringing at the bottom of your bag, but think again. These occurrences take only seconds of attention, yet in those seconds, accidents happen.

Avoiding Cell Phone Use While Driving

Studies have concluded that drivers on cell phones have less response time than intoxicated drivers. Many people who would never think of driving while intoxicated continue to text while driving, even though both activities are illegal in Virginia.

Follow these tips to keep Fairfax roads safe from distracted driving:

  • Turn cell phones to vibrate while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Place your phone where it will not invite distraction.
  • If using a hands-free device, make sure it is working properly before setting off.
  • Wait until you park your car and turn off the engine before answering calls.
  • Increase awareness of distracted driving by telling others and reporting offenders.

Experienced Fairfax Car Accident Attorneys

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we know that drivers don’t intentionally cause car accidents. People live such fast-paced lives that it is tempting to use the time spent in the car as work time. We can be so busy, so focused on staying connected, that we lose sight of what is in front of us—and who might be in front of us. By putting the focus back on the roads, we can reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving in Virginia.

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