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Virginia’s New Speed Limit Laws

A new law went into effect in Virginia on July 1, 2010. The state law allows Virginia Transportation officials to raise speed limits from 65 mph to 70 mph on roads in Virginia. So far, the speed limit has only been raised to 70 mph on a portion I-295 between Petersburg and I-64. But a portion of every interstate in the Commonwealth of Virginia is being considered for an increased speed limit.

One such area is Interstate 66 between U.S. 29 in Gainesville and the Prince William Parkway. The Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT) is studying the width of the traffic lanes, the history of accidents, and how well the speed limit is enforced on those four miles of road in Northern Virginia.

It is too soon to predict how many roads will have their speed limits increased and what the effect will be on the Commonwealth. The cost of studying, implementing, and enforcing the change must be considered. Additionally, the potential effect on the safety of those who use Virginia roads must be carefully assessed.

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