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Reasons Teenage Drivers Cause Car Accidents

It is no surprise that that new drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 are most likely to be in accidents. However, in order to keep teen drivers safe and to prevent serious car crashes, Virginia parents and teens must think about the reasons why so many teenagers are getting hurt or killed on the road.

Study Finds Surprising Reason for Teen Accidents

According to a ten year national study recently completed by the Texas Transportation Institute*, teenage drivers are most commonly involved in nighttime driving accidents (see full article).

Overall, the study found that the following factors contribute to teen accidents:

  1. Darkness: reduced visibility from driving at night and fatigue contribute to make darkness the single biggest risk factor for teen drivers;
  2. Cell Phone Use: today’s teens are very comfortable with cell phones and, as a group, do not appreciate the dangers posed by using a cell phone and driving.
  3. Friends in the Car: the study found that having one passenger in a car with a teenager driver doubled the risk of an accident, two passengers tripled the risk, and three or more passengers increases the risk six times.
  4. Speeding
  5. Drunk Driving

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*Source: Washington Post, “Nighttime driving is biggest danger for teen drivers, study says” by Ashley Halsey III, May 6, 2010