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2009 Virginia Drunk Driving Statistics

For years, the government, community groups and others have been educating the public about the dangers of drunk driving. Virginia statistics indicate that many Virginians are getting the message. However, drunk driving continues to be one of the leading causes of serious car accidents in Virginia.

2009 Virginia Drunk Driving Statistics

In Virginia, drunk driving crashes killed 316 people and injured 6,256 people last year. Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia Highway Safety Office reported 31,434 drunk driving convictions. More than 78% of those convicted of drunk driving were male.

The good news, if there is any, about drunk driving in Virginia is that there was a more than 10% decrease in both fatalities and injuries in 2009.

The Decrease in Drunk Driving is of Little Comfort to the 2009 Victims

If you have been hurt or if you’ve lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident then the statistics are of little comfort to you. You must still find a way to heal physically and financially from the harm that has been caused by someone else’s illegal and negligent behavior.

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