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Using A Prosthetic Device After Losing A Limb In Virginia

| Dec 4, 2012 | Catastrophic Injuries

If you have had a limb amputated, you probably feel like your world has fallen apart and that your life is over. If you lost a limb in an accident, our Fairfax catastrophic personal injury lawyers at Shevlin Smith take this very seriously. We have seen the devastating toll a lost limb can have on an individual and on his or her family— we have also seen lives rebuilt and we want you to know that you can recover and return to a normal life. 

Prosthetics Can Lead You Back To A Normal Life

Prosthetics have come a long way over the years. While a prosthetic device will not be as natural to you as your own arm or leg, it will help you do the things you were able to do before the accident. As a part of your recovery process, a medical professional or therapist will work with you on rehabilitating the muscles before fitting a prosthesis. A prosthetic device will not be provided, however, until you are completely healed.

Our Virginia catastrophic personal injury attorney explains the therapy associated with the use of a prosthetic device:

  • Before being fitted for the prosthetic device, therapy will focus on gaining strength, range of motion, and increased mobility.
  • Once the device is fitted, therapy will include putting the prosthesis on and taking it off.
  • Therapy will then progress to practicing daily skills and activities.
  • Once daily skills are mastered, adaptive equipment may be introduced, such as steering equipment for driving.

At Shevlin Smith, we want you to know that your life will continue after your amputation. While the recovery process may seem daunting, the results will be amazing and you will become independent again.

Call Shevlin Smith at 703-721-4233 if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in Washington DC, or Virginia. Our Fairfax catastrophic personal injury attorneys will discuss your accident and treatment and we will work to have you compensated if another is at fault. Our attorneys have achieved excellent results representing clients with catastrophic personal injuries. Call our office today.