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Deadly Infections At Virginia And DC Hospitals Prompt New Methods Of Cleanliness

On Behalf of | May 20, 2013 | News

Imagine going to a Virginia or DC hospital for a routine procedure and
finding yourself clinging to life from a deadly infection. It may sound
like the stuff that movies are made of, but in reality, it happens more
frequently than doctors and hospital administrators would like to admit.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, hospital infections
are estimated to cause 100,000 deaths each year and end up costing as
much as 30 billion dollars a year in additional medical costs.

One in 20 patients that enter the hospital end up being treated for an
infection that they contracted from being in the hospital. Among the infections
are superbugs that are difficult to treat, like C-diff and MRSA. Recently
hospitals have attempted to reduce the number of infections by employing
new methods of cleanliness.

The new ideas include:

  • Machines that emit ultraviolet light or hydrogen peroxide vapors
  • Copper bed rails, call buttons, and IV poles
  • Antimicrobial paint, curtains, and linens

Unfortunately, the true impact of these improvements is debatable. There
is no widely accepted evidence that these inventions have actually prevented
illnesses. The CDC says there is no replacement for washing hands rigorously
with soap and water, wearing gloves, and cleaning rooms intensively with
bleach. To make things more complicated, the Medicare program has moved
to stop paying bills for certain infections caught in the hospital. Other
insurance companies are expected to follow suit if infection occurrences
continue to rise.

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