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Who Is To Blame In A Virginia Pool And Diving Accident?

Understanding Who You Can Hold Accountable for Pool Injuries and Accidents

A fun day in the sun can quickly be marred by a diving accident at the pool.  If you or a loved one suffered a diving injury in Virginia, you may be asking, “who is to blame?” There are a number of factors to consider, as each case is different, but the following questions may help point you in the right direction. 

The pool owner:

  • Did the owner know that the diving board was unsafe?
  • Was the diving board and/or pool kept in disrepair?
  • Were others injured on the diving board or in the pool prior to the accident?
  • Are signs posted that the water is too shallow for diving if a diving board is not present?

The company that installed the diving board:

  • Was the diving board installed incorrectly?
  • Did a company install a diving board knowing the water was not deep enough?

The manufacturer of the diving board:

  • Was there a defect in the board that caused it to malfunction?
  • Are warning labels on the diving board inadequate?
  • Is the marketing misleading?
  • Is the weight that the board can handle clearly displayed?

The store that sold the diving board:

  • Was the board misrepresented?
  • Did the store/company know the board to be unsafe but sold it anyway?

In addition to the previous questions, you can also examine the following questions about the diver:

  • Was the diver using the board properly?
  • Did the diver know how to safely enter the pool? 

Hurt In a Virginia Diving Accident? Shevlin Smith Can Help

A diving accident can lead to brain injuries, spinal injuries, or even result in catastrophic permanent injuries. If you have suffered a catastrophic personal injury in Virginia from a diving accident in Virginia, contact the attorneys at Shevlin Smith. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the compensation process.  Call our Fairfax lawyers today at (703) 721-4233