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C-Section Dangers You Need To Know Before Entering The Hospital

| Aug 7, 2014 | Birth Injuries

After eight months, two weeks, and six days, your baby has finally decided that he wants to come into the world.

You’ve been in active labor for approximately eight hours. You’ve done everything the doctors and nurses have told you to do—including lapping the entire second floor of Inova three times—and you’re still not progressing. You’re at the point where you’re not quite sure how much longer you can wait.

Your doctor is closely monitoring your baby for any signs of distress, and although his heart rate is slightly elevated, your doctor doesn’t seem that concerned. You then tell him that you’re not sure you can make it much longer and want to discuss the option of a caesarean; but is that the right thing to do, or should you just try to stick it out?

Caesarean Risks

Caesarean sections—or c-sections, as they’re usually called—are sometimes essential for a healthy birth. Not only can the procedure be performed quickly to limit fetal distress or complications, but it can also be less painful for the mother. However, although they’re necessary in certain situations or when unforeseen complications arise, the choice of a c-sections should not be made too rashly. Caesareans have been know to cause adverse effects on both the child as well as the mother. Some effects include:

  • Infections from the incision
  • Cuts or lacerations to the baby
  • Blood loss
  • Blood clot in the mothers’ legs or lungs due to the surgical procedure
  • Increased risk for future pregnancies and vaginal deliveries (incisions or scars can open, vaginal birth could be too difficult)

A c-section could wind up saving your child’s life if he was put under too much stress during delivery. But, if you believe you and your child were unnecessarily put at risk as a result of physician error, you could be owed compensation for injuries, pain, and suffering.

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