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Avoiding A Catastrophic Injury During Campus Move-In

| Sep 15, 2014 | Catastrophic Injuries

Security Dos and Don’ts to Have a Safe College Move-In

If you’ve ever lived around a college town or experienced the chaos that is college move-in, you know how hectic, crazy, and dangerous campus streets can be in September. Approximately 16 million students nationwide live on or near college campuses. This means that at the start of the school year, thousands upon thousands of naive, nervous, and slightly immature teenagers invade college towns, and cause massive congestion, anxiety, and risks for local drivers.

Fortunately, you can help ease these frustrations and protect yourself by following these simple “Dos and Don’ts” of campus student safety:


  • Pay attention: Just because pedestrians generally have the right of way, doesn’t mean a car can see you.
  • Use crosswalks: Running across the street multiple times to unload your gear can be frustrating, but if you don’t use the crosswalk, it could also be deadly.
  • Slow down and check your surroundings: Ever since you were little your parents have told to look both ways when crossing the street; this rule doesn’t change just because you’ve temporarily moved away from them. Stay safe and never assume a car will see you or stop for you unless it’s already stopped.


  • Never carry more than you can handle: Make sure that when you’re carrying boxes or furniture, you have a clear line of sight.
  • Don’t continue moving or exploring once it gets dark. Although campuses are generally well lit, drivers don’t expect to see students carrying furniture at night, and therefore may not see you.
  • Don’t put yourself in the other pedestrian’s shoes. You should not assume that, just because the person ahead of you crossed safely without looking, you can also cross safely without consequences.
  • Don’t drink and drive: This may seem like common sense, but nearly 2,000 college students a year die from alcohol-related deaths, including drunk driving and getting struck by vehicles while walking while drunk.

Moving In and Moving On: Protecting Yourself After a Campus Injury

College should be an eye-opening and memorable experience that you embrace for the rest of your life. However, if you cause an accident or are catastrophically injured in a campus accident, those memories can quickly become tragic. Instead of taking risks, make an effort to be safe—not only will you avoid an accident, but the local drivers will truly appreciate you.

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