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If your child suffers a birth injury then you likely have a lot of questions.  You may second guess a lot of what happened during your labor and delivery and you are not alone.  On a larger level, experts are beginning to question some of the guidance that has routinely been followed over the past few decades and are urging that obstetricians consider the needs of and potential risks to individual patients before recommending a delivery method.

In March 2010 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) convened a meeting to discuss the recommendations that should be provided to obstetricians regarding vaginal births after C-Sections (VBAC).  According to the NIH, Caesarean sections are at an all time high.  Some doctors believe that this is because C-sections are more lucrative and doctors have serious birth injury malpractice concerns about allowing a woman to delivery vaginally after a C-section. 

C-Sections are Not Always Safer Than VBACs

However, it is important for patients and doctors to remember that C-sections also present serious risks, the potential for medical malpractice, and birth injuries.  Virginia patients and patients from around the United States should be aware that the following serious complications can arise for the baby if a doctor does not exercise reasonable care during a C-Section:
  • Higher risk of infection;
  • Respiratory difficulties for the baby;
  • Broken Bones; and
  • Nerve Damage.
Accordingly, the NIH is now suggesting that doctors analyze and compare the risks of VBAC and C-Sections for each individual mother and assess the risks for the mother and child rather than have a standard policy applicable to all women who have had previous C-Sections. 

The Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. birth injury lawyers of Shevlin Smith understand that you did everything that you could to bring your child into the world safely.  While not all birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice, our firm will investigate the cause of your child’s birth injury and pursue appropriate action against responsible doctors.  Call a Virginia birth accident lawyer today at (703) 721-4233 for a free and confidential consultation if your child was injured during birth.