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Driver Seat Accident Risks That Can Put Your Pregnancy At Risk

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Traffic Accidents

Driving is a daily necessity for most; however, when you’re expecting, that necessity may be putting your child at risk. Although the chance of getting into an accident is relatively low, if you are in an accident, the chance that your baby will suffer is high. According to a Department of Transportation study on pregnant driving injury risks, 70% of fetuses whose mothers were in car accidents suffered some sort of consequence, even if their mothers only suffered minor injuries. This means that seven out of 10 expectant mothers who are in accidents, even minor fender benders, run the risk of hurting their babies as a result of driving.

Why is the risk so high? What is it about an accident that could hurt your baby?

Collision Factors That Can Hurt Your Unborn Child

Every single car accident has the potential to cause serious harm. As a result of impact forces and flying debris, even a small fender bender can cause whiplash, muscle and nerve damage, or far worse injuries if you happen to be pregnant. This is why it is extremely important to understand that driving while pregnant not only puts you at risk, but your child as well. Therefore, before getting behind the wheel, make sure you know the following collision dangers:

  • Steering wheel crush. Due to how the steering wheel is placed, any type of collision or sudden braking force can cause your body to be thrown forward into the wheel. This reaction causes the steel wheel to push against your baby, essentially crushing him.
  • Airbag punch. Airbags deploy at nearly 200 mph. Unfortunately, most of this force is aimed toward your chest and abdomen. Therefore, when the bag deploys in order to help save your life, your baby is getting punched with extreme force.
  • Safety belt strangle. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that seat belts can cause extreme bruising as they restrain you in your seat. Generally, the belt is situated across your collarbone and pelvis in order to dissipate potential forces. However, many expectant mothers place seat belts across their baby bumps, putting the baby at risk for injury.
  • Dashboard smack: When there isn’t significant space between you and the dashboard in the passenger seat, even a small impact collision can cause you to lurch forward and hit your belly on the dashboard. Not only can this cause impact injuries, but your baby could also suffer severe crushing injuries as well.
  • Debris impalements: Broken pieces of glass, torn metal shards, and environmental debris can easily cut, stab, and potentially slice open your abdomen.
  • Broken bone protrusions. Internal penetrations and damage are also a large concern for your baby due to the fact that a broken pelvis or rib could protrude toward your child. In addition, a broken pelvis can cause severe complications during delivery.

Where to Turn When the Risks Become Real

Car accidents can be extremely traumatizing, but hurting or losing your child is a pain that never heals. If you or your baby has suffered from severe or life threatening injuries as a result of a car accident, you may be entitled to damages. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your case. We’ll make sure you get the advice, support and compensation you and your baby deserve. Call now and see how we can help you!