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Five Unknown Truths About Diving Accidents In Virginia

| Apr 20, 2016 | Catastrophic Injuries

As temperatures rise, the sun stays up a little longer, the barbeques blaze, and the cover comes off the pool. For many, summertime is characterized by a carefree spirit, relaxing downtime, and fun with family and friends. For others, summertime around a pool is riddled with anxiety. Many view swimming pools as the most dangerous recreational place, and when you add a diving board, accidents resulting in spinal cord injuries in Virginia are eminent. While diving accidents in Virginia most certainly occur, there are some truths that should be examined.

Myth #1

Diving accidents in Virginia occur while using a diving board.

Truth: Less than 10% of all diving accidents involve a diving board. As long as the diving board is installed correctly, it shows swimmers the safest place to dive.

Myth #2

Diving into an above ground pool is safe.

Truth: It is never safe to dive into an above ground pool. The water is far too shallow, with an average of only 42 inches in depth.

Myth #3

It is safe to dive from the side of a pool.

Truth: It is never safe to dive from the side of a pool. Over half of all injuries that result in paralysis from diving are due to a dive into water that is four feet or less in depth.

Myth #4

Diving accidents usually happen at a residential pool.

Truth: Nearly 60% of all diving accidents occur in a natural body of water like a lake or river, where depth is uncertain.

Myth #5

Doing tricks from a diving board is no more dangerous than a regular dive.

Truth: Over half of all diving injuries occur as a result of someone doing an unusual dive. Jumping over the side, running and jumping, and flipping in the air can all result in catastrophic injuries.

Remember to stay safe this summer around any body of water. If you have experienced a catastrophic personal injury while diving in Virginia, contact the experienced attorneys at Shevlin Smith. Our Fairfax lawyers understand the challenges that go along with this type of injury. Call 703-721-4233 today!