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Recovering Physical Function Following A Medical Malpractice Brain Injury

| Jun 21, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Library

When a patient suffers brain damage due to the negligence or carelessness of a medical professional, he could face a long road to recovery. One effect a serious brain injury can have is to limit the victim’s mobility and communication skills. Depending on the location and severity of a brain injury, a victim may never be able to fully recover these physical functions. But even if a total physical recovery isn’t possible, almost all brain injury survivors will need some type of therapy and support that will likely include the following:

  • Physical therapy. Through a physical therapy program, a brain injury victim may be able to improve lost mobility or regain the ability to control certain muscles. By working with a physical therapist trained in brain injury recovery, the patient may be able to make progress to overcome some of the limitations caused by the damage to the brain.
  • Occupational therapy. Brain injury survivors may need ongoing rehabilitation to regain independent living skills. Through occupational therapy, those with brain injuries may be able to re-learn skills such as self-care, hygiene, and cooking. Occupational therapists help brain injury survivors regain the independence needed in everyday life.
  • Speech therapy. A speech-language pathologist may be part of a brain injury victim’s rehabilitation team as well. Because brain injuries can affect the ability to communicate, speech therapy can help a brain injury survivor improve impaired language, speech, and even swallowing skills.

Because the road to regaining physical abilities can be long and frustrating, it is important that a brain injury victim receives support, especially financial support to pay for the necessary physical recovery programs. For help holding a negligent party responsible for the brain trauma you or a loved one suffered, you can call our law firm at 703-721-4233 today. Our attorneys are experienced in handling medical malpractice brain injury cases, and we would be honored to answer your questions and provide you with a free initial consultation.