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How Evidence Should Be Handled Following A Truck Crash

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Library, Traffic Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are a very serious problem on our interstates and highways, with many collisions ending in catastrophic injuries or fatalities for innocent motorists. In some instances, it can be difficult to determine if the truck driver was at fault for the accident, which is why we want to stress the importance of preserving evidence after a trucking collision.

In order to help establish liability, evidence is key. This is why the attorney you hire should quickly get to work preserving the following things:

  • The vehicles. When a collision between a car and large truck occurs, the car may have substantial damage and may even be deemed a total loss. But before a car is repaired or sold at a salvage yard, it is important to preserve the vehicle so photographs can be taken of the damage and an accident reconstruction professional can examine the vehicle to help reconstruct the accident and prove the trucker’s negligence.
  • The black box. Most large trucks have onboard systems known as electronic control modules or electronic data recorders that are commonly referred to as “black boxes.” These devices can record a truck’s speed, braking, acceleration, length of time driving, and other information about the truck’s operation immediately prior to the crash. Obviously, this information is vital to a truck injury claim as it can be very persuasive in terms of proving fault, which is why this information needs to be preserved. Unfortunately, trucking companies know this information can hurt them, which is why it is critical that your attorney immediately requests this information be downloaded and preserved.
  • Commercial vehicle information. Because the maintenance of a truck can be a factor in a semi-truck crash, maintenance records need to be preserved. Your attorney should immediately request the maintenance history and the inspection history information of the truck involved in the crash.
  • Truck driver information. Many big rig accidents are caused by truck driver error. This is why your attorney should investigate the truck driver and request the driver’s qualifications, training file, hours-of-service logs, drug and alcohol screening, and driver inspection records.

All of this evidence needs to be preserved since it is vital in clarifying the circumstances surrounding the truck crash and helping prove your case in court. Our law firm knows the importance of acting quickly in truck injury cases in order to preserve key evidence. For help preserving evidence, please contact us as soon as possible after a trucking crash — before evidence gets lost or destroyed.