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What Should I Do If I Believe That I Have Been Injured Due To Medical Malpractice Or The Negligence Of Another Person?

At Shevlin Smith, we always advocate that an injured person's first concern should be to seek any medical treatment that is necessary to address the injuries suffered.  Whether the injured person should go to the emergency department of a hospital, or first seek treatment from a primary care physician or specialist is case-specific, and cannot be answered on a general basis.  The injury itself will dictate how quickly treatment needs to be initiated, and what type of health care provider is best to provide that treatment.

Once the medical needs of the injured person are addressed, then attention can be turned to the question of whether a legal claim exists.  Speaking to an attorney can help you decide what legal course is advisable.  The earlier you speak to an attorney, the earlier an attorney can take steps to evaluate your legal claim, protect your legal rights, and enhance your opportunity for success should a lawsuit be pursued.