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My Baby Suffered A Birth Injury At A Northern Virginia Hospital. What Kinds Of Things Can I Do To Help Her?

The news is still stunning. Your child was born, and you could not love her any more than you do. Yet, this was not what you imagined. You didn’t anticipate that the negligence of a doctor in a northern Virginia hospital would leave your child with a birth injury that would affect her, and you, forever.

Focusing on the Future

You may replay what happened in the hospital delivery room over and over again. You couldn’t prevent your child’s injury then, and you can’t go back and change what happened now. However, as her parent, you do have the ability to change her future. You do have the ability to help her. You may, for example, get:

  • A prompt diagnosis of her injury. This may include getting a second, or subsequent, opinion, as appropriate.
  • Your child the intense therapy she needs. Early intervention therapies can help your child throughout her life. The therapies she will need depend on her specific injuries. Some may be provided by the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia, but your child may need more than what is provided by the government.
  • Money for your child’s future. By protecting your child’s legal rights after a birth injury, you may be able to recover money that can help provide the ongoing treatment and financial support she needs.

The decisions that you make now are important, but you don’t have to make them alone. Please contact us directly via this website to find out more about your child’s rights and possible recovery. Our medical malpractice injury lawyers have helped hundreds of people get their lives back together after their child suffered a birth injury in Virginia.