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As a Medicare recipient, what are my obligations for reimbursing Medicare for medical care that it paid on my behalf?

Under federal law, if you receive compensation for injuries you sustained due to the negligence of someone else, then Medicare is entitled to be reimbursed for the medical treatment it paid on your behalf.  As you may notice, however, Medicare often does not always pay the full bill submitted by a health care provider due to discounts and co-payments made by you.  As a result, you are only required to reimburse Medicare the amount of money that it actually paid on your behalf.  Additionally, Medicare will often provide you with a credit to reflect expenses you incurred to receive compensation (for example, attorney's fees and litigation expenses), thereby reducing the amount of the reimbursement that you actually owe.  Determining the proper amount that you are required to pay Medicare is often difficult and time-consuming.  At Shevlin Smith, we have years of experience of handling clients' Medicare reimbursement obligations as a part of our standard client service.