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Will My Medical Malpractice Case Require Expert Witness Testimony, And How Do You Select An Expert Witness?

Virtually every type of medical malpractice case in Virginia and the District of Columbia requires testimony from expert witnesses. The law in both jurisdictions, with only a few minor exceptions, is that a medical malpractice case requires expert witness testimony in order to establish the appropriate standard of care, the violation of that standard of care, and the cause of a victim's injury. Moreover, Virignia recently passed a law that requires that a medical expert sign a certificate of merit before a lawsuit is served, indicating that there is a reasonable basis for the claim of medical malpractice.

The attorneys at Shevlin Smith focus on locating the very best experts in support of their clients' cases. This focus centers on finding experts who teach the standard of care to fellow doctors or medical students, and who publish medical literature on issues related to your case.