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Your Doctor May be Liable for Your Child’s Birth Injury

| Jun 22, 2010 | Birth Injuries

Mothers whose big babies suffer birth injuries often have one question. What could have been done differently to protect my child?  The Fairfax birth injury attorneys of Shevlin Smith are committed to helping you find the answer to your question, and we will fight to hold the appropriate parties responsible for your child’s injuries.

Tips to Prevent Birth Injuries

There is a lot that doctors can do to predict the size of babies, and there are appropriate precautions they can take in order to deliver a big baby safely. For example, obstetricians can:

  • Screen for gestational diabetes
  • Treat gestational diabetes
  • Monitor the size of the baby
  • Recommend a C-Section when a safe vaginal delivery is not possible

Unlike other types of birth injuries, injuries incurred because a baby is too large for a safe vaginal birth can often be avoided when the mother and child receive appropriate prenatal care. If your child has been injured during birth, then your family may be entitled to damages. A Fairfax birth injury lawyer will thoroughly investigate the cause of your child’s injury and recommend appropriate legal action against the parties responsible for the injury.

Trustworthy Guidance from Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Whether your child has suffered harm to an internal organ as a result of your diabetes or a birth complication such as Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, or Shoulder Dystocia, we may be able to help if medical negligence caused the condition. Call the medical malpractice attorneys of Shevlin Smith at 703-721-4233 to discuss your case.