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Who is Responsible for My Child’s Birth Injury?

| Sep 3, 2010 | Birth Injuries

As Northern Virginia birth injury attorneys, we are often contacted by clients for the answer to one simple question. They want to know who is responsible for their child’s birth injury, and with good reason. As a parent, it is agonizing to watch your child suffer, it is torturous to consider that your child’s injury could’ve been prevented, and it is expensive to provide the treatment that your child requires as a result of his or her injury.

You Need to Know Who Caused a Preventable Birth Injury

At Shevlin Smith, our experienced childbirth injury lawyers will examine your case from every angle. We will consider how the hospital, the doctor, the nurse, the midwife or anyone else involved in the birth of your child acted and whether they exercised reasonable care toward you and your child.

If we find that any medical professional or entity was negligent we will advise you about your options for recovery. We will represent you in settlement negotiations and any necessary litigation and we will zealously advocate for your recovery.

We know we can’t undo the physical pain suffered by your baby or the emotional pain suffered by your family. However, we can help you with financial burdens.  Call our Fairfax birth injury lawyers today and let us provide you with a free and honest consultation.