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Five Places NOT to be Around a Truck: Know Your “No Zones!”

| Jan 12, 2011 | Traffic Accidents

There are many reasons why Virginia semi accidents occur each day. All too often, these accidents take place because a driver was caught in the truck’s “no zone,” or an area surrounding a truck that the truck driver cannot see using normal vision or mirrors. In a car, we call it a blind spot. Trucks, due to their large size and shape, have more than just one “no zone”—they can have as many as five.

Dangerous Areas Around a Truck

Avoid these dangerous areas around a truck to keep yourself, your passengers, and the truck driver safe:

  • Front. Most people don’t know that they are often in more danger in front of a truck than behind it. If you are driving directly in front of a truck—under the grill, with a small following distance—the truck driver might not see you because you are too close.
  • Right Side. The area between the cab and the back of the trailer cannot fully be seen by the driver. If you must drive alongside a truck, stay far enough back to be seen in its mirrors.
  • Left Side. If you cannot see the driver’s face in his rear-view mirror, he probably cannot see you either. If possible, it is safer to pull alongside the cab in view of the driver’s window.
  • Rear. Remember: trucks have no rear-view mirrors. The blind spot past a truck’s mirrors is big enough to contain a whole car, so if you’re following a truck, give it several car lengths of space.
  • Rear Wheels. If a truck brakes suddenly, the trailer has the potential to “fishtail” behind it—swinging into the cars next to it with enough force to propel them off the road, or into oncoming traffic.

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