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How to Survive a Virginia Rollover Accident

| Mar 15, 2011 | Traffic Accidents

All Virginia car accidents are frightening, but perhaps the most terrifying is a rollover accident. You start to tip, the world spins over and over—it only takes seconds, but it feels like an eternity.

Protecting Yourself During a Rollover Accident

The best way to protect those you love from the dangers of a rollover accident is to be prepared. Here are the steps to surviving a Virginia rollover crash:

  • Brace yourself. If the car starts to tip, lean into the seat and brace your feet on either side of the pedals. Avoid gripping the steering wheel or leaning forward, as this can break arms or result in traumatic brain injuries. Instead, cross your arms and lean into the vehicle toward the passenger’s seat; this will reduce your chances of a head or spinal injury.
  • Remain calm. When the car has stopped rolling, assess the damage to yourself and your passengers. If you or anyone in the car is injured in any way, call 911 immediately.
  • Turn off the engine. If the vehicle lands upside-down, turn the engine off immediately. If the car has landed right-side-up and is still functional, try to move the vehicle to the side of the road, then get out and call for help.
  • Exit the vehicle. If you have landed upside-down, look out the windows to determine the safest exit, carefully unbuckle your seat belt, and crawl toward the door. If doors will not open, roll down the window.
  • Stay out of the road! Several people have survived DC rollover accidents only to be killed by oncoming traffic moments after. Even an upside-down vehicle affords protection from speeding cars; if you can, exit the vehicle on the side nearest to the shoulder. If you have not already done so, call 911 and stay there until help arrives.

Speak with an Experienced Fairfax and DC Auto Accident Lawyer For Help

Because rollover accidents can commonly result in head trauma and spinal cord injuries, it is vital that you speak with a DC car crash attorney following your accident. Call Shevlin Smith today at 703-721-4233 for a free consultation.