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What Kinds of Fractures Can Be Caused by Virginia Accidents?

| Apr 4, 2011 | Catastrophic Injuries

You may have heard the term “fracture” before. When a bone is broken, it often means intense pain and a long recovery time-but are there any other dangers from a fracture?

Types of Bone Fractures

Depending on the location, a bone fracture in DC could cause the victim serious injury:

  • Skull fractures. One of the most dangerous types of fractures, as trauma to the skull can cause intracranial bleeding.
  • Pelvic fractures are commonly caused by seat belts in Virginia car accidents.
  • Ankle fractures happen when the body goes one way, and the foot another-often when the foot is trapped in an accident.
  • Spinal fracture risks increase with age, but even young people can suffer a spinal injury if they experience trauma to the head, neck or back.
  • Collarbone fractures are the most common type of broken bones. Due to the location and fragility of the clavicle, a collarbone fracture can be particularly painful.
  • Hip fractures occur most frequently in the elderly as a result of falls.
  • Wrist fractures are often seen after bicycle and pedestrian accidents, as the victim will attempt to use his hands to recover from a fall.
  • Hand and foot fractures are especially debilitating. Not only do they cause a loss of everyday mobility, but they can cause the victim to lose valuable income while recuperating.

Did You Break a Bone During a Fairfax Car Accident?

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