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Why are “left turn” truck accidents so common on Virginia roads?

| Jun 29, 2011 | Traffic Accidents

Many people think of
truck accidents
as high-speed affairs that only happen on highways or busy on-ramps.

But the truth is, many fatal semi accidents in Virginia occur when a truck
is going 45 mph or less.

Intersection accidents are a major contributor to the over 100 annual
deaths caused by tractor-trailers in Virginia. Many of these are “left
accidents,” which cause injury and even death as a tractor-trailer
attempts to make a left-hand turn on a city street.

So how can a simple left turn can cause a deadly semi crash?

  • Cross traffic. When a truck turns left, it must cross the oncoming lanes of traffic,
    a bike lane and a crosswalk-any one of which can result in casualties
    if the driver isn’t paying attention.
  • Visibility. The left side of a semi has an extended blind spot. If a car has inched
    into the lane next to a turning semi, the truck driver may not see him
    in time to avoid a collision.
  • Wide berth. Trucks usually need more space to maneuver than other vehicles, and this
    is especially true during turns. If a truck doesn’t have enough room
    to complete a turn, he may go over a curb or into the opposite traffic
    lane (and sometimes into a pedestrian or driver).

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