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How likely am I to get an infection from a hospital in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2011 | Medical Malpractice

Pretty likely, according to the Center for Disease Control. By their estimates, 1.7 million people will experience hospital-acquired infections every year-many of them resulting in death.  

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Recovering damages for your hospital infection in Virginia requires proving that your infection was a result of hospital negligence. Infections happen a number of ways, but are most commonly due to: 

  • Hand-washing. Not only do some hospital employees neglect to wash their hands, but studies suggest that even those who do wash their hands are not doing it effectively enough to prevent bacterial transmission.
  • Sanitation. Gowns, bed sheets, pillows, breathing tubes, medical machines-even the furniture in the room can carry bacteria. If the hospital staff has been reusing items or not cleaning its equipment regularly, they may be liable for your infection.
  • Improper prevention. If a procedure increases the risk of infection, a doctor should prescribe a course of antibiotics to prevent it. If the patient is at severe risk, such as after a burn or extensive surgery, he should be placed in a “clean room” or isolated from any possible infection agent.

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