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How You Can Tell Which Attorney is Right for Your VA Brain Injury Case?

| Nov 11, 2011 | Brain Injuries

It’s hard not to feel helpless when someone you love has suffered a severe brain injury. The costs of care are increasing, nobody seems to care that the accident wasn’t your loved one’s fault, and now, he will probably require your loving care for the rest of his life. So who can possibly get you the help you need to support your family after this tragedy?

The attorneys at Shevlin Smith want you to know that you are not alone. We have spent a lifetime getting compensation for brain injury victims, and have won considerable settlements for victims of:

  • Birth injuries. Our client, a young mother, came to us after suffering a brain injury during an elective c-section. She suffered respiratory distress as a result of anesthesia, which caused her to stop breathing and her heart to stop beating. She was resuscitated, but suffered an anoxic brain injury due to the delay in noticing her respiratory distress. We were able to recover $1,450,000 for our client (at the time of the settlement, Virginia had a statutory cap of $1.5 million).
  • Nursing errors. In another case of medical oversight, a 46 year-old gentleman also suffered an anoxic brain injury due to overmedication. Our client was heavily sedated after his coronary artery bypass surgery, so much so that his nurse noted in his chart that he was “unarousable.” However, the nurse took no action. When she returned 30 minutes later, our client had suffered cardiac arrest due to the combination of depressants in his system. He was resuscitated and placed on a ventilator, but our client had suffered an irreversible brain injury that left him completely disabled. He was awarded $1,375,000.
  • Medical negligence. A thirty-two-year-old woman suffered a stroke that left her completely unable to move due to the negligence of her HMO. Our client came into her HMO exhibiting symptoms of a stroke, but staff members failed to recognize her symptoms. As a result, our client suffered “locked-in syndrome”: a condition that left her unable to move any part of her body except her eyes. She was later awarded $6,000,000.

While every Fairfax brain injury case is different, it is important that your attorney is comfortable tackling large healthcare organizations to get you the justice you deserve. To find out if you are eligible for compensation for your Virginia head injury, call Shevlin Smith today at 703-721-4233 for a FREE consultation.

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