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Virginia C-Sections Carry Risks of Birth Injuries in DC

| Feb 17, 2012 | Birth Injuries

Many pregnant women will struggle with the decision of having a c-section rather than a vaginal birth. While most women would prefer to deliver their babies vaginally, sometimes complications arise and they simply have no choice—and in some cases, the mother is unconscious and the decision is made for her.

Understanding the Risks of a Caesarean Section

A caesarean section is a much more complicated procedure than a vaginal birth. It carries the same risks as any other surgery, but with the added danger of injury to a small, vulnerable patient.

Here are just a few infant injuries caused by caesarean section in Virginia:

  • Premature birth. Babies born by c-section may be delivered early if the gestational age was miscalculated, resulting in low birth weight.
  • Low APGAR scores. Since caesarean sections require anesthesia, infants will often suffer from low APGAR scores, which measure the effects of obstetric anesthesia on newborns. These may be caused by the anesthetic itself or a lack of natural stimulation during delivery, such as the infant would have received in a vaginal birth. Babies born by c-section are 50% likelier than those born vaginally to have low APGAR scores.
  • Breathing difficulty. Children delivered by c-section are at a higher risk for respiratory problems, and may require breathing assistance immediately after the birth.
  • Surgical injury. About 2% of infants are accidentally cut when the surgeon makes an incision into the mother’s abdomen. Children may suffer lacerations, bruising, or in rare cases, serious injuries as a result of the procedure.

Some of these injuries are only temporary, and the infant will recover in a matter of days. However, a physician’s negligence may case your child to suffer unnecessarily—or worse, cause an irreparable condition that will affect your child for the rest of his life.

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