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Three Teens Crash Stolen Vehicle In Vienna

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2012 | News

Three teens will face charges for joyriding, crashing a stolen vehicle and fleeing police after a Virginia car wreck on January 29.

The accident took place shortly before 4:00 a.m. Police officers spotted a suspected stolen vehicle driving in the 300 block of East Street SE in Vienna, and attempted to pull the vehicle over. The car began to slow down in response to the sirens, but before it came to a full stop, the driver and two passengers jumped from the vehicle and fled on foot.As the police gave chase after the suspects, the stolen vehicle continued ahead until it crashed into a utility pole guide wire.The suspects had gotten a few blocks from the vehicle before four Vienna police officers caught up with them. All three of the suspects were under the age of eighteen and had recently escaped from a local juvenile detention facility.The vehicle was discovered to have been stolen from an address on Rambling Road in Vienna just outside town limits.The suspects were taken to the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center, where they were charged with grand larceny, fleeing police officers and other misdemeanor offenses. One of the juveniles was also charged with underage possession of alcohol, since evidence to support the charge was found at the scene.While the teens were being processed at the Detention Center, officers found out that the three offenders were currently in violation for leaving another detention facility without probation. The officers then served detention orders on the juveniles.

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