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2010 CDC Brain Injury Report

| May 10, 2012 | Brain Injuries

In March 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report regarding traumatic brain injuries in the United States.  The “Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States: Emergency Department Visits, Hospitalizations, and Death” report released on March 17, 2010 looked at data collected from 2002-2006 to identify the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries and the age groups most susceptible to serious injury.  Overall, the report found that the number of traumatic brain injury cases treated in our nation’s emergency rooms increased from 2002 to 2006.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Numbers are Significant

According to the CDC report, approximately 1.7 million people in the United States suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year.   Traumatic brain injuries are a contributing factor in almost one third of all injury related deaths.    Each year approximately 1,365,000 people seek emergency room care, 52,000 people die, and 275,000 are hospitalized because of brain injuries.  Many of these TBIs are caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and other causes including medical malpractice induced brain damage.

Children and Older Adults Suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries in Greater Numbers

The data collected by the CDC finds that children aged birth -4, teenagers aged 15-19, and adults aged 65 and older are most likely to suffer from traumatic brain injuries.  These numbers are not surprising when you consider the most common causes of TBIs.  The two most common causes of brain injuries in the United States are falls (accounting for about 35% of all brain traumatic brain injuries) and motor vehicle accidents (accounting for about 17% of all traumatic brain injuries).

Since young children and older adults are more likely to fall than people in other age groups and new drivers in their late teens are more likely to be involved in accidents, the fact that these age groups have the highest number of traumatic brain injuries is logical.  It is important, however, to use this data to protect our children and senior citizens from the serious consequences of brain injuries.

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