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Does Your Lawyer Have Experience Winning VA Spinal Cord Injury Cases?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2012 | Spinal Cord Injuries

The Fairfax spinal cord injury lawyers at Shevlin Smith know that you want the best representation possible after a serious accident. You have suffered a life-altering injury, will endure costly medical treatments, and may be unable to live or work in the same capacity as before.

Medical Malpractice Can Cause Lifelong Injury

This was recently the case for one of our clients, a 68-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital with a complaint of pain in her left side. She had recently been hospitalized to remove a kidney stone obstruction, and doctors attributed her pain to a possible kidney infection.

Our client received appalling treatment under the hospital’s care. She was hospitalized for four days, during which she suffered an epidural abscess that went undiagnosed by her physicians. Over the course of these days, she became unable to walk, suffered weakness in her arms and legs, and eventually became numb from the waist down. 

The doctors finally ordered an MRI on the fourth day; by this time, our client was completely incapable of moving her legs or controlling her bodily functions. We were able to find medical experts who testified that the patient should have received an MRI when she was admitted to the hospital; as a result of her doctor’s negligence, our client suffered permanent paraplegia.

Justice was finally served in a mediation session: we were able to win our client $1,475,000 for past medical bills and future costs of care.

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