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What Kind Of Experience Should I Look For In My DC Car Crash Lawyer?

| Aug 22, 2012 | Traffic Accidents

When you’re looking for legal representation, experience is everything. You should always make sure your attorney knows about varying types of injuries and different kinds of accident cases–and you should feel comfortable asking how many of those cases the attorney has actually won, not just represented.

Fairfax Attorneys With Experience

Our attorneys have gotten justice for several victims of Fairfax car accident lawsuits, including:

  • Drowsy driving. Our 63 year-old client sustained injuries in a head-on collision in Fairfax County after a driver in the opposite lane fell asleep at the wheel. The drowsy driver crossed the center line and struck our client’s car, causing severe fractures in both of her legs. We were able to obtain a $425,000 settlement for her future suffering and past medical expenses.
  • Motorcycle crashes. Our 39-year-old client broke several bones and developed an infection after he was struck at an intersection while riding his motorcycle. We were able to secure $500,000 for our client, the highest amount of his insurance.
  • Underinsured/uninsured accidents. Our client suffered a broken leg, ligament damage and a serious knee injury after being struck while walking to her car in a parking lot. The driver who hit her, however, did not have enough insurance to cover her injuries. We submitted a claim under our client’s Underinsured Motorist Coverage, and our client was awarded the full amount of the policy ($100,000) for the costs of her Virginia pedestrian parking lot accident.

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