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Fairfax Birth Injury Lawyers Discuss Fetal Injury by Delayed C-Section

| Nov 8, 2012 | Birth Injuries

You took classes on natural birth for nine months, and you were prepared—but nervous—as the big day approached. You didn’t know what to expect, but you knew that you didn’t want to have your baby by c-section unless it was absolutely necessary.

The question is, if you were prepared to have a c-section, why wasn’t your doctor?

Consequences of Delayed C-Section

When a necessary cesarean section is delayed, the consequences for the infant can be disastrous. The child may suffer cerebral palsy, brain damage or other birth defects; in some cases, the delayed c-section may cause infant death in Virginia.

A physician should consider delivering a child by cesarean section if:

  • The mother is physically incapable of assisting in the birth because she is unconscious or suffering from a medical condition.
  • The child’s head is too large for the mother’s birth canal.
  • The baby is facing backward (breech) and there is no way to turn him around for a normal birth.
  • The infant’s umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck and is cutting off oxygen.
  • The baby is in distress, has an irregular heartbeat, or isn’t responding properly.
  • Fetal monitoring shows that the child’s heart rate is slowed during contractions.
  • An emergency birth complication has arisen, such as umbilical cord prolapse or placental abruption.

Since these problems pose a significant threat to both the child and the mother, a c-section can be a life-saving procedure. However, some doctors may choose to wait until the condition resolves itself, delaying a c-section until the very last second. There are numerous reasons for delay: the hospital may not have any surgical rooms available, the surgery is not covered by the patient’s insurance, or the doctor failed to notice the seriousness of the baby’s distress.

Speak With a Fairfax C-Section Injury Lawyer

As experienced Fairfax birth injury attorneys, we know that there is no excuse for a doctor to put the health of your family at risk. If your physician ignored the warning signs of fetal distress and caused your baby to suffer a birth injury in DC, you can hold him legally responsible for your child’s suffering.

If someone you love has suffered a c-section birth injury in Virginia, our attorneys can get you the compensation you deserve. Call Shevlin Smith today at 703-721-4233 for a free consultation to discuss your case, or click the link here for a FREE copy of our book, Do I Have A Case? A Patient’s Guide to Virginia Medical Negligence Law.