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How To Determine If Your Baby Fractured A Bone During Delivery

| Nov 4, 2012 | Birth Injuries

No parents want to see their new baby suffer from any sort of pain. Unfortunately, sometimes an injury that occurs during birth goes unnoticed by doctors, nurses, and parents. One type of relatively common injury that may not be detected is a broken bone. Unfortunately, without immediate treatment, the injury may worsen over time.

Types of Serious Birth Injuries

At Shevlin Smith, our experienced Fairfax birth injury attorneys don’t believe that your baby should suffer as a result of complications during birth. We also believe that the parent should not suffer or feel helpless. Therefore, we encourage you to look for the following signs if you think that your little one may have suffered a fracture during delivery:

  • Baby cries in pain when held in a certain position
  • Baby fails to move a limb
  • Baby has a stiff limb
  • Bruising
  • Hard lump in the area that may have been fractured
  • Baby has an area that is tender to the touch
  • Baby refuses to put pressure on a limb
  • A limb is bent out of position

Sometimes these fractures require long-term treatment. If you believe that your doctor is at fault, call us today.

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