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Top Five Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

| Nov 15, 2012 | Traffic Accidents

Think about how many times you’ve run a yellow light. How about how
many stop signs you’ve coasted through, or how many times you’ve
cut someone off because you figured he would slow down?

Now imagine what would’ve happened if the car across from you decided
to turn when you ran that yellow. What if there was a car crossing at
the stop sign that you didn’t see, or the car you cut off was on
a patch of ice and couldn’t stop in time?

You may think that the odds of getting in an accident or the odds of seriously
injuring yourself are low…but you’d be wrong. The truth is exactly
the opposite.

U.S. Auto Accident Statistics

The U.S. averages over 12 million
car accidents a year. A third of these accidents result in fatalities, while the remaining
majority cause severe injuries. In fact, the odds of
notsustaining an injury from a car accident are extremely low, and you’re
lucky if you can walk away unharmed. However, if you’re one of the
unlucky majority, car accident injuries are an unfortunate consequence
of reckless driving and can range from minor to fatal, even when the collision
seems to be minor.

Most Common Motorvehicle Accident Injuries

The five most common types of non-fatal motor vehicle accident injuries are:

  • Impact Injuries. Bruising, lacerations or broken bones due to vehicle or cargo impact
  • Head and Brain Injuries. Brain hemorrhages, concussions, and swelling due to a blow to the head
    (characterized by memory loss, headaches, or blurred vision)
  • Neck or Spinal Cord Injuries. Whiplash, paralysis, or chronic back pain due to crushing of the vertebrae
  • Pelvic and Abdominal Injuries. Kidney, spleen and liver injuries as well as broken pelvises due to front
    or side impacts
  • Amputations. Severed limbs due to jagged debris or the force of collision; most common
    in motorcycle accidents

All of theses injuries can cause weeks, months, or even lifelong pain and
discomfort. So before you run your next yellow light or fail to completely
stop at a stop sign, think about whether getting to your destination a
few seconds earlier is really worth the risk of spending the rest of your
life in constant pain—or worse, hurting someone else.

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