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Dangerous Thanksgiving Holiday Season On Virginia’s Roadways

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2013 | News

Thanksgiving 2012 was a deadly holiday season on Virginia’s roadways. Preliminary reports from the Virginia State Police Department indicate that 13 people were killed on the state’s highways between Wednesday, November 21, and Sunday, November 25. This is an increase from the past two years. Last holiday season 11 people died in motor vehicle crashes and in 2010 ten people died.

Included among the 13 fatalities were three pedestrians, one motorcyclist, and one double-fatality motor vehicle accident. Sadly, the youngest victim was only 17 years of age. The reports indicate that alcohol was a factor in three of the motor vehicle crashes and five of those killed in cars were not wearing seat belts.

In addition to these unfortunate fatalities, police also cited 9,976 drivers for speeding, 3,099 operators for reckless driving, 115 drivers for driving while intoxicated, 832 drivers and passengers for failing to wear seat belts, and 280 drivers for not using proper child safety restraints for the children in the vehicle.

The 2012 increase in motor vehicle deaths over the holiday period was disappointing as the state police participated in Operation Combined Accident Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.), a statewide initiative to reduce driving-law violations and increase safety on Virginia’s roads.

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