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Top Five Tips To Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome In Virginia

| Jan 20, 2013 | Brain Injuries

If your baby has been injured by shaken baby syndrome, you know the prognosis is bleak. There is nothing more heartbreaking than the serious injury or death of your beloved little baby. Therefore, as parents and caretakers it is your responsibility to keep your baby safe. Our Fairfax brain injury lawyers are sharing important tips with you for preventing shaken baby syndrome so that your baby stays safe and healthy.

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Important guidelines to follow for preventing shaken baby syndrome:

  • Never shake your baby, even if you believe that you are only being playful
  • Warn the baby’s siblings of the dangers of shaken baby syndrome
  • Always keep an eye on your baby, even a blow to the head can cause shaken baby syndrome
  • Do not hold your baby if you are arguing
  • If you are losing your temper or are stressed out, take a break away from your baby by putting your baby in a safe place or by asking for assistance from a family member or friend

Shaken baby syndrome is a serious form of child abuse. For more information on shaken baby syndrome, read our library article “Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer Details Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Contact a Fairfax Child Abuse Lawyer For Help

At Shevlin Smith, our Virginia brain injury attorneys understand the dangers associated with shaken baby syndrome and child abuse. For legal advice, call our Fairfax law office at 703-721-4233 or complete the contact form on this page. We will speak with you about your case and discuss with you how to proceed. Since your baby may need lifelong care, we are here to help get you and your family compensation for the injuries.