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Virginia Bicyclists Take A Stand Against Avoidable Accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | News

You don’t have to be driving a car to be involved in a car accident. Last year over 600 people in Virginia were hurt on bicycles because of accidents, and 10 of those injuries resulted in death. On Tuesday, January 29, bicyclists took to the roads for a Bicycle Action Day in Richmond. It was an event designed to show support for the state legislators introducing bills that are intended to make the roadways safer for those biking across the Commonwealth.

Members of RideRichmond, a nonprofit organization of bicycle enthusiasts, met on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University and biked to the General Assembly Building. Their trek was made in support of the new legislation that would require drivers to give bicycles more room on the road. The group praised the efforts of Chantilly-area Senator Chap Peterson (D-Fairfax) as well as Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) and Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington). All three have bills that target specific safety issues bicyclists face in their daily rides.

With gas prices rising and the increased emphasis on health, more and more Virginians are using bicycles as a means of transportation. Not only would the new legislation create more space for bicyclists, it creates fines for those not abiding by the law.

Those participating said it is not legislation just for bicyclists but for everyone that uses the road. By raising awareness of safe distances, the number of injuries can decrease.

Our Fairfax car accident and personal injury lawyers applaud the efforts of those working to make Virginia a safer place. If you have questions about road laws, contact our trusted attorneys at Shevlin Smith at 703-721-4233 today.

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