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Semi Truck Accidents Can Lead to Neck Fusion Surgery in Virginia

| Apr 20, 2013 | Traffic Accidents

When you were hit by a DC tractor-trailer, you may have thought you had
an ordinary case of whiplash. You were hit from behind, and you’ve
heard about these kinds of injuries before…but now your doctor
says it’s much more serious than a soft-tissue injury.

Neck Injuries Are Often More Serious Than They Appear

Many victims assume that a pain in the neck is a minor injury, especially
if they were able to walk away from their Fairfax semi accident. Unfortunately,
these victims miss the opportunity to hold the trucking company accountable
for their injury costs, assuming their insurance will be enough to cover
the damage – only to find later that they need surgery and will
be out of work for weeks to come.

If you’re not sure about filing a Fairfax
truck accident case you should know that a cervical spinal injury can be both exhausting
and expensive. Many victims experience severe pain, numbness, or “pins
and needles” in their extremities, and will require disc surgery
to take pressure off of the spinal cord.

Treating a Herniated Cervical Disc

Here are just a few treatments for a herniated cervical disc injury:

  • Discectomy. If pressure on the spinal cord is affecting mobility, a victim may have
    one of his vertebrae removed in order to restore feeling to the limbs.
  • Fusion surgery. Neck fusion surgery may be done at the same time as disc removal. The
    neck is fused together at the point where the disc was removed to add
    stability and support to the neck.
  • Inpatient recovery. Patients are often out of work for a considerable time after neck fusion
    surgery due to extreme pain, immobility, and difficulty speaking or swallowing.

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