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Innovative DC Doctors Dealing With Children’s Chronic Pain

| May 25, 2013 | Catastrophic Injuries

It can be difficult to see any member of your family suffer with chronic
pain caused by a catastrophic injury, but it is nearly unbearable when
that family member is your child. Ten-year-old Sophia Isacco was hit by
a car in 2011, and her leg snapped. Her mother said she would scream if
anyone touched her. “The worst thing you can ever do is see your
child in pain like that,” she said. Many patients, like Sophia,
deal with pain for years to come Their pain is considered chronic and
requires treatment beyond surgery or re-setting of a bone.

While there are practices in place to deal with chronic pain caused by
accidents or injuries in DC, dealing with the chronic pain of a child
can look completely different. According to a recent
article, the doctors and medical staff at Children’s National Medical Center
in Washington, DC are launching innovative treatments in a new pain clinic
designed specifically for kids.

While these new treatments, which basically look like video games, do not
guarantee a patient will be free of pain, they have many benefits that
can add to the pain management.

Children feel like they are playing video games, so the therapy feels less
like a doctor visit and more like recreation.

The games increase range of motion and still provide exercise for the patients.

Bio-feedback beds can measure a patient’s heart rate and skin temperature,
showing the patient that he or she has control over their body.

The new practices reinforce positive thinking and improve the patient’s mindset.

catastrophic injury attorneys at Shevlin Smith applaud the efforts of those at Children’s National
Medical Center. It is our hope that their innovative ideas will be reproduced
in hospitals across the country so that more kids can be helped through
their chronic pain. If your child was injured in an accident in Virginia
or DC and suffers with chronic pain, you may be entitled to compensation.
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