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D.C. Doctor Discovers A Secondary Injury When Concussions Occur

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | News

For years, Abby suffered from debilitating headaches, even after recovering from a series of concussions. Doctors prescribed headache and pain medicines but could never pinpoint what was causing her headaches. Thankfully, a D.C. doctor looked further into Abby’s pain.

Dr. Ivan Ducic of Georgetown University Hospital was noticing that a number of concussion patients were complaining of lasting headaches, so he investigated further. What he found was that when a concussion occurs, a secondary injury also occurs. Doctors focus on the brain during a concussion injury, but Dr. Ducic explained that the nerves in the upper part of the spine, in the neck, become compressed. They can even become tangled up with tendons in the muscles. The strain and compression causes headaches.

Through research, Dr. Ducic formulated a method to relieve the pressure created by the concussion that could be performed in a simple surgical procedure. He makes two small incisions in the back of the head, creating more space for the compressed nerves to expand. He likened it to loosening a tie that was too tight. It is done through outpatient procedure and lasts only 60-90 minutes. Some feel relief from the day the surgery is performed, but 95% of patients feel relief from their headaches within 2 weeks. After Abby had the surgery performed, she said her headaches were non-existent within a week.

Dr. Ducic’s findings are consistent with what doctors have known for years: concussions and all brain injuries are complicated, and the effects can be seen for years after an injury. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in Virginia or D.C. at the fault of another, contact the brain injury attorneys at Shevlin Smith. Our Fairfax lawyers are available and ready to help you through the recovery process. Call 703-721-4233 today.

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