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Pregnancy Hormones May Help Treat Washington D.C. Brain Injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | News

The ever-increasing number of brain injury victims in Washington, D.C. may soon have a reason to rejoice. A scientific study that began in 2012 provides new hope for treatment of brain injuries through the use of progesterone, a natural hormone found during pregnancy. This hormone helps prepare the uterus to hold the fertilized egg and to maintain the uterus throughout the pregnancy. However, a recent worldwide study has shown encouraging results using progesterone as a treatment for brain injuries, as it has a unique ability to protect cell structure.

Over 21 different countries are participating in this treatment study—aptly named SyNAPSe—and have had positive results. During this study, the progesterone is given no more than eight hours after the initial injury and is administered over the course of five days. The results of the hormone treatments have been heartening. They show reduction in:

  • Brain inflammation
  • Brain swelling
  • Cell death

as well as an increase in the ability to rebuild the barrier of blood between the brain and skull.

The study is still ongoing and may not have conclusive results for sometime. However, this pregnancy hormone study gives cause to hope for a viable traumatic brain injury treatment in the near future.

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