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Should You Blame Your Fairfax Doctor For Problems During Delivery?

| Sep 7, 2013 | Birth Injuries

Giving birth is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have. It is also the scariest. Although women give birth everyday to perfectly healthy babies with no complications, there are occasions where problems arise during delivery that—if not handled correctly and immediately by your doctor—can affect the health of your child.

Common Birth Injuries

The most urgent problems that your doctor must address are any complications limiting oxygen to your baby. These include:

  • Cervical or uterine tears
  • A compressed or prolapsed umbilical cord
  • Abnormal fetal positioning
  • A prolonged delivery

If these complications present themselves, your physician has to act immediately in order to deliver the baby as quickly and safely as possible to avoid serious injury, such as hypoxia. If your doctor hesitates for too long or misdiagnoses the complication, it can result in your child developing serious injuries or disorders. In addition to diagnosing the issue, your doctor must also take special care in how he decides to deliver the distressed baby, as this too can cause injuries. Assisted childbirth (including the use of forceps or vacuum suction), caesarean surgery, and natural childbirth can all increase the risk of injury to both the distressed child as well as the mother.

During fetal distress, your doctor’s first priority is to deliver a healthy baby as quickly as possible. If he is impatient, rushed, or mistaken about any aspect of the delivery, the consequences for you or your child could be disastrous.

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