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Does Your Child Deserve Compensation For Injuries Sustained At Birth?

| Dec 7, 2013 | Birth Injuries

Birthing complications are tragically common in the United States. However, as long as your doctor monitors the situation and acts accordingly, these complications shouldn’t have an effect on your child. On the other hand, if your doctor doesn’t take appropriate action when it’s needed, your child could suffer severe birth injuries and be entitled to compensation.

Your child’s wellbeing is one of the most important things in your life. Why should you have to worry if his injuries were caused by medical carelessness? You deserve to know exactly what happened during your pregnancy and your delivery as well as exactly what caused your child’s injury.

Some injuries such as birth defects and certain neurological problems cannot legally be inferred as medical negligence. However, if your child was in fetal distress during your delivery and now has signs of cerebral palsy, brain damage, or motor function problems, this may be a good indication of medical negligence.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Hypoxia is the leading cause of birth injuries during labor. It can occur when the umbilical cord wraps itself around the baby’s neck or from underdeveloped lungs, if the child was premature. If your physician does not recognize the signs of hypoxia during labor, such as a change in the mother’s blood pressure, a change in the baby’s heart rate or low oxygen levels in both the mother and child, the consequences could be disastrous. His carelessness could lead to your child being born with:

  • Brain and muscle damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Paralysis
  • Breathing problems

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