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Even “Minor” Car Accident Injuries in Virginia Can Be Costly

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2014 | Traffic Accidents

When you suffered a fractured wrist in a Fairfax car crash, you were probably told it was a minor injury. After all, you are expected to fully recover, and unlike many accident victims, you were able to walk away from the crash. So is it really worth it to pursue a case against the other driver?

Minor Injuries Can Lead To Bigger Problems

The truth is, many so-called “minor” injuries can still cause extreme pain, loss of earning capacity, and loss of mobility for the victim – and that’s if the injury heals without any complications.

Ways to Obtain Compensation Following an Accident

Your Virginia personal injury case could get you compensation for your suffering, including:

  • Pain. Victims often experience severe pain after a broken wrist injury, requiring immobilization and pain medications to cope with everyday tasks.
  • Loss of income. Victims may not be able to grasp objects or turn their wrists for months after the bones have healed. If his dominant hand was injured, a victim could be out of work for months until he is capable of full mobility. 
  • Healing complications. If the hand was crushed, bones may protrude through the skin, causing serious tissue infection, nerve damage, or permanent circulation problems in the hand and fingers.
  • Disability. If the victim sustained severe damage to the hand, he may suffer permanent loss of function, shocks, and pains, or paralysis in the fingers.
  • Future complications. Joint damage increases a patient’s future risk of osteoarthritis, affecting his physical capabilities – including the ability to work – years after the accident. 

A Fairfax Lawyer Can Help

Our Fairfax attorneys don’t believe that victims should have to suffer the financial burdens of an injury caused by someone else. With our help, you and your family can get justice in your case and the compensation you deserve for your suffering. 

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