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Identifying Contrecoup Injuries Before It’s Too Late

| Jun 7, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Thousands of people across the commonwealth are suffering from traumatic
brain injuries, and some of them don’t even realize it.

According to the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, an estimated 1.7
million people sustain a
traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year as a result of minor falls and impact accidents. These
injuries can manifest in hundreds of different ways; some are easily diagnosable,
while others are harder to recognize. Contrecoup injuries fall in the
latter category.

What is a Coup Contracoup Injury?

Coup contrecoup injuries occur when the head strikes a fixed object with
enough force to cause the brain to make contact with the front (coup)
or back (contrecoup) of the skull. This type of impact can also occur
as a result of rapid deceleration, most commonly seen in car accidents
and head on collisions. It can even occur in shaken baby syndrome.

Contrecoup injuries are difficult to identify as they technically occur
as a secondary injury. The initial trauma is therefore identified and
treated, but the secondary trauma may be missed. When the brain bounces
off of the inside of the skull, it can often lead to bruising, swelling,
bleeding, and other serious injuries.

4 Common Contrecoup TBI Symptoms

Injuries to the brain can produce various symptoms depending on what part
of the brain is affected. However, if you experience these symptoms after
you’ve already seen a doctor and been cleared of any permanent damage,
you may have a contrecoup injury:

  • Headache or pain at the impact point and the opposite side of the head
  • Blurry vision, sensory deprivation, or dizziness
  • Changes in sleep patterns, either too little or too much
  • Mood or mental changes

Any injury to your head has the potential to cause serious brain damage.
If you feel disoriented, confused or just plain “off” after
any type of head injury, seek medical attention immediately. You should
never gamble when it comes to your brain, whether the injury was large
or small, get it checked out.

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