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Truck Awareness Tips When Passing On-Ramps

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | Traffic Accidents

Trucks are extremely common on I-66 as they head toward the Beltway, so it’s not a surprise that almost every day on your way to work, you have to attempt to get on while being flanked by semi-trucks. However, it is a surprise when other vehicles don’t have the common courtesy to allow trucks to get over when approaching on-ramps.

When you’re traveling on the highway next to a truck, if you can see vehicles from an on-ramp about to merge with highway traffic, you let the truck move in front of you to allow room for the on-comers. However, lately it seems that you’re the only one who has those manners. When you’re stuck on the on-ramp you witness car after car intentionally passing trucks on the left, preventing the driver from moving over to allow you on, making it nearly impossible for you to merge and causing you to frequently wind up on the shoulder before you can get over.

Are you just naive, or should people allow room for trucks when approaching on-ramps?

Safety Etiquette for Approaching Trucks Next to On-Ramps

Although it may not be a traffic violation, allowing room for trucks to maneuver when approaching on-ramps, not only could prevent an accident, but also will help with overall traffic flow. Many people tend to forget how difficult it can be to merge onto a highway when they’re no longer the ones merging. However, even when you’re not the one stuck on the entrance ramp, you should still be aware of traffic and follow necessary safety protocols to prevent serious truck accidents.

  • Pay attention to on-ramp traffic. Will a car be merging while you’re passing?
  • Gauge whether or not the truck needs to move over to allow on-comers to merge
  • Try not to be parallel to a truck while passing an on-ramp, unless the ramp is clear
  • Never pass a truck when it is approaching or next to an on-ramp

When it comes to trucks, it doesn’t matter if you technically have the right of way or how much you want to pass them. If an accident occurs, the truck and its driver will almost always receive less damage than you and your vehicle. Therefore, it is always a better and safer idea to give truck drivers the benefit of the doubt, and try to help them avoid an accident by anticipating their moves and giving them room to maneuver. You can especially help them avoid risky maneuvers by simply checking upcoming on-ramps to give them the room they need.

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