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Penalties And Dangers Of Texting While Driving: When =) Turns To X(

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Traffic Accidents

You’re stuck in a traffic jam two miles from your exit. You’ve
been sitting in the same spot for over 15 minutes and you’re beginning
to get extremely irritated. You look in your rearview mirror and see that
the man behind you is focused on his phone. You look to your right and
notice the driver is taking pictures of the traffic with her phone. You
figure, why not? You take your phone out of your briefcase and log into
Facebook to pass the time.

You update your status and play a round of Candy Crush. Meanwhile, you’ve
moved another five feet. As you start your second game, your car is violently
pushed forward into the back of an SUV. You hold your brakes, but the
car behind you continues to push you deeper into the SUV’s bumper.

You drop your phone and attempt to swerve. Finally the car behind you stops.
You look in your rearview mirror and see the driver’s phone on the
dashboard and the driver with his head in his hands. Apparently, he couldn’t
text and inch forward at the same time.

Although you’re relieved that your phone use wasn’t what caused
the accident, you begin to second-guess your decision to pull it out of
your briefcase anyway. You now have first-hand knowledge of the distractive
force of cell phones while driving, but is it enough to keep you (and
the driver behind you) from doing it again?

The Hazards of a Simple Reply

According to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 700,000 people a day use their cell phones while behind the wheel.
We have become so addicted to the instantaneous connection to other people
afforded by our smart phones that we can’t even take a break while
driving and the consequences can be devastating.

Federal Communications Commission estimates that driver distractions from cell phone use account for over
18% of all fatal car collisions, and roughly 500,000 people a year are
injured in cell-phone related accidents.

These statistics show that it is imperative that you understand the risks
and legal consequences of pulling out your phone while driving. In Virginia,
cell phone use is a primary offense, which means you can be pulled over
if an officer suspects you are using you phone. Other risks include:

  • Fines. In Virginia, a first offense will cost you $125 and subsequent offenses
    are fined $250.
  • Points on your license. If convicted, three demerit points will be assessed by the DMV.
  • Convictions. If cell phone use causes an accident you could be convicted of various
  • Accidents. Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash.

Safe Communication, Feedback and Help

Given the high potential for distraction as well as injury, do you think
texting laws are essential for driver safety? Should the government increase
or decrease penalties for guilty texters? How do you feel about driver
cell phone use? Are conversations more important than safety?

Let us know how you feel by leaving your opinions, thoughts, and questions
in the comment section. Your voice will not only help us learn more about
societal opinions, but your perspective on safety could also help future
clients get the extra knowledge, reassurance, and support they need after
a tragic accident.

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