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Why We May Be Failing In The Fight To Prevent Texting And Driving Accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Traffic Accidents

As drivers, we know that texting and driving is distracting and can cause devastating accidents. Federal, state and local governments, along with national advocacy groups, have been publicizing the dangers of texting and driving for the past few years. We have all heard the message that texting and driving is extremely dangerous and can result in tragic consequences for the driver and other innocent victims.

Why it May Not Be That Simple

In November, 2014, AT&T released the results of a new survey that may shed light on why it is difficult for many people to stop texting and driving. According to the survey:

  • 98% of motorists who have cellphones and text regularly are aware of the dangers of texting and driving
  • 75% of motorists admit to texting and driving

So why do they do it?

  • 43% of motorists say they want to stay connected to family, friends, and work
  • About 33% of motorists say they do it out of habit
  • 28% of motorists say they are afraid they will miss something important
  • About 25% of motorists say others expect them to respond right away

Six percent of motorists also admit to being addicted to texting. However, that number may be higher. 14% of motorists are anxious if they don’t respond to texts right away and 17% of motorists report a sense of satisfaction when they can read and respond to a text, reactions that are similar to those of drug addicts.  

A professor at the University of Connecticut’s School of Medicine who helped design the study likened smartphone use to gambling and drugs. In other words, our texting may be an addiction and if we are going to protect ourselves and others from texting accidents we may need do more than raise awareness. We will have to address the behavior and figure out how to effectively deal with it.

No Excuses

Texting may be hard to stop but texting drivers are still responsible for the accidents, injuries, and deaths they cause. A texting addiction is no excuse for causing a car accident. If you have been hurt by a texting driver then you deserve to know more about your rights. Please fill out the “Get Help Now” section of this page and we will contact you within the next twenty-four hours to talk more about your potential claim.