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How Do Family Dynamics Change When A Parent Suffers A Brain Injury?

| Jun 14, 2015 | Brain Injuries

There are many different relationships a person has in his or her lifetime, but a parent-child relationship is one of the most important. Although the relationship starts at birth, a parent-child relationship continues to develop over many years. As the relationship matures, both the parent and child develop an understanding of one another. For example, a child comes to expect that the parent will care for him or her, and a parent will learn to anticipate the child’s needs.

Brain Injuries Can Affect Parent-Child Relationships

Typically, parents are nurturers and providers. When something causes this to change, such as a brain injury, a parent may no longer be able to provide affection, guidance, or support. Unfortunately, a brain injury can put a strain on the parent-child relationship, especially if the child is young and doesn’t fully understand the reason his or her parent has changed.

Some of the reasons a parent-child relationship changes due to a brain injury include:

  • A parent’s change in personality. A parent may have been easy-going prior to the brain injury and is now frustrated, angry, moody and depressed. When this occurs, a child doesn’t know what to expect and may become fearful and upset.
  • A parent’s change in emotions. When a brain injury occurs, it may cause a parent to suffer a lack of emotion or respond to a situation with inappropriate or extreme emotions. When this occurs, a child may become sad and troubled.

Sadly, brain injuries often change a family’s dynamics and can alter a parent-child relationship. If a child living with a brain injury survivor is old enough, the child should learn about the different symptoms of a brain injury, communication techniques, and how to react to a parent with a brain injury. Additionally, children of parents with brain injuries should be getting support through counseling and support groups.

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