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Emergency Car Kits for Virginia Crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2015 | Traffic Accidents

The first thing you probably experienced after your Fairfax car accident was shock. Your head begins to spin. What do you do first? Should you get out of the car? Is anyone injured? Are YOU injured?Many people will freeze in their seats, held in by fear and panic. They wait for the police to arrive, afraid to make a move, afraid of making it worse. But the truth is, with a few deep breaths and little preparation, you may be able to save time-and even lives-while waiting for help to arrive.

Essential Items To Keep In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

So what items should you pack in your car’s emergency kit?

  • First-aid kit. Car accident injuries can go well beyond band-aids. Think to extremes when packing: burn cream, scissors, gauze, medical tape, tourniquets, pain relievers and any medication your family could require in an emergency, such as an inhaler. Even if you think you won’t need them, you don’t want to be without them.
  • Lights and road flares. An overwhelming majority of DC car crashes happen at night, but many drivers will neglect to carry a flashlight in their car. Lights can also help you inspect your vehicle after an accident and flag down passing motorists. Use flares to alert speeding drivers to your distress.
  • Batteries. The flashlights and other electrical devices won’t work without batteries! Pack a set of each size and voltage, and keep them separate from the devices to avoid draining them.
  • Tools, tape, and ties. A tool kit, including a heavy hammer or one with a spring-loaded head for breaking glass, should be in your car at all times. Bungee cords and duct tape are great for hauling loads, but can also secure bumpers or double as tourniquets in extreme emergencies.
  • Bottled water. Just one bottle of water kept in your trunk is an incredible multi-tasker. Pour it on an overheated engine, put out fires, and clean dirt from wounds before the ambulance gets there.

As experienced Fairfax car accident attorneys, we know it can seem that ambulances can take an eternity to respond to an accident scene, especially if someone you love has been injured. Taking a few precautions in case of an accident could keep them stable until emergency crews arrive-but in the following weeks, they may still need help with their medical bills and loss of income.If someone you love was injured in a DC car wreck, they could be entitled to compensation for their hospital costs. Call Shevlin Smith today at 703-721-4233 to start your free consultation.